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Marvin Gaye - What's Going On / What's Happening Brother (1971) Live

Marvin Gaye
"What's Going On"
Album: What's Going On (1971 Tamla-Motown)



Mother, mother (hoo-ooo)
There's too many of you crying
Brother, brother, brother (hoo-ooo)
There's far too many of you dying
You know we've got to find a way
To bring some lovin' here today
(God don't feel your lovin' today)

Father, father (father, father)
We don't need to escalate
You see, war is not the answer
For only love can conquer (conquer) hate
You know we've got to find a way
To bring some lovin' here today
(God don't need your picket line)
So-ooh (long)

Picket lines (sister) and picket signs (sister)
Don't punish me (sister) with brutality (sister)
Talk to me (sister) so you can see (sister)
Oh, what's going on (what's going on)
What's going (what's going on)
Yeah, what's going on (what's going on)
Oh, what's going on
(What's going on?)

Ha (groove to you) huh-huh-huh (right on, baby)
(Smoke this!) (He's sacked down on the floor)
Right on, baby
(Tell her she's hearin' it record)
I'm gonna yell wo-wo-jah, ja-ya-ya-ya-ya
(Yeah, it's so good)
I'm gonna yell wo-wo-jah, ja-ya-ya-ya
(Go on the breaks so long) ha-ha-ha-ha

(Say hey, man what's your name?)
(Smoke this!) (I heard you play the fool)
Right on, fool (ha-ha-ha-ha)
(Walk on) Right on (woo!)
The spirit thing is everything
Aye-ya-ya, ya-ya, ya-ya
(The fool told me I was playin' for one take)
Ya-ya, ya-ya, ya-ya
(Marvin, do one take)
(Let's do it again)

Bip-bip-bi-do, bip-bip-bi-do
(Grown men all a-yous)
Would you please hit bi-do
(What's he goin' around for?)
Ba-ba, ba-ba, da-do
(He's hangin')

Mother, Mother
Everybody thinks we're wrong (we're wrong)
Oh, but who are they to judge us
(Fool, see)
Simply 'cause our hair is long?
(You'll see)
Oh, you know we've got to find a way
Bring some understandin' here today
Oh, (ooh-ooh)
(God don't hear no picket lines)

Picket lines (brother) and picket signs (brother)
Don't punish me (brother) with brutality (brother)
Come on, talk to me (brother)
If you can see, what's
What's going on (what's going on)
Yeah, what's going on (what's going on)
Tell me what's goin' on (what's going on)
I’ll tell you you what's going on (what's going on)

(Brrr-rrr, brr-rrr)
Right on, baby, right on
(Let's hear the fat lady!)
(I hear'd it)
(Hey! slow down)
Aye-ya-ya-ya (aye-ya-ya)
Ya-ya, ya-ya (ya-ya-ya-ya)
(Cause I done said it again)

The world is groovin', you know
(Woo!) (whoa!) (oh, it dictates) the entire world
Right on, baby (groove on, brother)
Screw wrong wit' you
(What's wrong wit' you?)
Ay-ya-ya-ya (ay-ya-ya-ya)

(Seen a young girl in someone's house)
(You can't see me-he-he-here, wee-ooo)
Bi-do-bi-do (say, please) bip-bip-bi-do

(Fool in someone's house)
(Would you please don't tell Marvin)
(Same girl come to my place, don't tell him)
'Heard-about-that-da-da-damn you'

Right on, baby (woo-woo!)
Fuck you, right?
(Hey, now you find out)
(Now, you take it home)

Ay-ya-ya, ya-ya, ya-ya, ya-ya-ya
Wednesday, he's home
Let's go on home and see him play the full time
(Marvin, he's on!)
(Woo! woo! woo! woo!)
Surprise comin' out
(Get the football in)
(Back to the football)
(You won, you lost)
You'll see
Ay-ya-ya, ya-ya, ya-ya, ya-ya-ya)

(If you want get out of here)
Ay-ya-ya-ya (ay-ya-ya-ya)
Ay-ya-ya-ya (ay-ya-ya-ya)
It's cool
It's cool.
Bip-bip-bi-do, bip-bip-bi-do
(What's goin' on, this is too long?)
Ah, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.


Hey baby, what'cha know good
I'm just gettin' back, but you knew I would
War is hell, when will it end,
When will people start gettin' together again
Are things really gettin' better, like the newspaper said
What else is new my friend, besides what I read
Can't find no work, can't find no job my friend
Money is tighter than it's ever been
Say man, I just don't understand
What's going on across this land
Ah what's happening brother,
Oh ya, what's happening my man
Are they still gettin' down where we used to go and dance
Will our ball club win the pennant,
do you think they have a chance
And tell me friend, how in the world have you been.
Tell me what's out and I want to know what's in.
What's the deal man, what's happening
What's happening brother
Ah what's happening brother
What's happening my man
Ah what's happening brother
What's been shaken up and down the line
I want to know cause I'm slightly behind the time.

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