Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Stray Cats - Runaway Boys (1980)

Stray Cats
"Runaway Boys"
Album: Stray Cats (1981 Arista)



Get kicked out for coming home at dawn,
Mom and Dad cursed the day you were born,
Throw your clothes into a duffle bag
shoutin' as ya slam the door home is a drag
Who can I turn to and where can I stay ?
I heard a place is open all night and all day
There's a place you can go where the cops don't know
You can act real wild they don't treat you like a child
Runaway boys
Your hair's all greasy and you feel like a slob,
You're only fifteen and you can't get a job,
Go into the luncheonette and shoot a few games
Losing all your quarters, man it's always the same
Steal a couple of bucks to buy a new toy,
Slip into the alley with the
Runaway boys
Runnin' faster, faster all the time
You're under age and God knows, that's a crime !
Runaway boys


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