Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Psychedelic Furs - The Ghost In You (1984)

The Psychedelic Furs
"The Ghost in You"
Album: Mirror Moves (1984 Columbia)



A man in my shoes runs a light and all the papers lied tonight 
 but falling over you is the news of the day 
 Angels fall like rain 
 And love - is all of heaven away 


 Inside you the times moves and she don't fade
The ghost in you She don't fade Inside you the time moves and 
she don't fade A race is on I'm on your side 

And here in you my engines die I'm in a mood for you 
Or running away Stars come down in you and love - 
you can't give it away 

Don't you go it makes no sense when all your talk and supermen 
 just take away the time and get in the way Ain't it just like rain 
 And love - is only heaven away 


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