Monday, 28 May 2012

Bananarama - I Can't Help It (1987)

"I Can't Help It"
Album: Wow! (1987 London Records)



Sugar's sweet but your kisses can't be beat
Whatever you got, it's good enough for me
Boys say (they say) I'm good enough to eat (manger)
Whatever you want you got 'cos you knock me off my feet

(bridge 1)
I'm hungry for your sweet love
I need you here tonight
I'm crazy, I'm burning up

I can't help it
I'm captivated by your honey
I can't help it
I'm captivated by your honey

You've tasted honey, you've had the rest
Well here I am, come on and try the best
No chance (no chance) won't let you get away (no way)
Whatever you need from me gonna let you get your way

(bridge 2)
I'm waiting, can't get enough
So move your body close
I need you, I won't give up


Move your body close tonight (x 4)

(bridge 1)

I can't help it
I can't help it

(chorus ad lib)


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