Friday, 6 July 2012

D.Train & Paul Hardcastle - You are the One for Me (1981) TV Live

"You are the One for Me"
Album: You are the One for Me (1982 Prelude/Epic)



*With the love I have inside of me
We can turn this world around
We can live through all eternity
And we'll never touch the ground
We'll take a chance to ride upon a star
To a place that's far away
The light of love will shine on us
Forever and a day

**Bustin' up on a cloud, shout out loud
You're the one for me
With your love by my side
The world will be mine
You're the one for me

With this true love I found
Picks my feet up off the ground to fly away
With this true love my dear
Takes away my every fear, don't go away

***You just don't know what you did to me
But I'm not the same
Since you gave me love that's sheltered
From the rain
You just don't know how you make me feel
Your sweet lovin', girl, is so unreal
I've got love, love desire
From your lovin' my soul's on fire


I'm ridin' on a cloud
Got to shout it out loud, you're my all
Baby, hold on tight
For the rest of my life, don't let me fall

*, ** Repeat (x3)

You're the one for me, yeah
You're the one for me

***Repeat and fade with ad lib


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